Abia Youths, ponder over these words as you go about your normal businesses today.


Abia Youths, ponder over these words as you go about your normal businesses today.

Is it all About Money?

Money is to mankind what sunshine is to plants. It means nourishment and friends.

Let’s cast off permanently the talk on the beauty of poverty, and the joy of the humble. Throw off the mask of hypocrisy, and self-deception and stand out in this open like a man, throwing your head up and looking the world in the face, saying, “Yes, I desire money; I want it and I want it earnestly.

When I talk of hunger and lack, I know what I am talking about. I have first hand knowledge of it. I have been there. I know from experience. It affects from your inside. It lowers self-confidence and esteem. It makes you hide from your friends.

A couple of years ago, my youngest son took ill.

Naturally, the mother took him to our preferred pharmacy, drugs procured, but the fever continued unabated. We tried to manage it, but the boy was losing strength, trust women, she mounted pressure.

We finally took him to the family doctor. The Doctor asked a couple of questions and examined the little lad. He took his writing pad and started prescribing drugs. As he was writing, I was getting worried, agitated and angry. I asked myself if it was because of this little fever that the doctor was filling in these pages. I mentally checked my pocket and got more agitated because I hadn’t enough judging from the length of doctor’s prescription. When the bill finally arrived, it confirmed my fears.

Nothing unsettles a man than when the pocket is empty.
A few days ago, a funny friend of mine joked that money is directly connected with blood and I demanded to find out how and he has this to say. “The moment your pocket is empty, you will start dying, losing weight and begin to accept anything that comes your way. Also, if blood is lacking in your body, you start to die gradually.

He went further on to say, one of the ways of reducing stress is to get credit alert very early in the morning. More than ever before, I agree that money and blood are twins.

In 1995, I visited my close friend in Festac. Moments after, his cousin fainted. There was panic laced with confusion. Everyone in the room was united regarding reviving him. A car pulled in to take him to a nearby hospital. But a question popped into my mind. I asked them to hold on. I inquired if he has eaten food since morning and nobody was sure and he was not conscious enough to answer for himself. We agreed that food should be organized first before going to the hospital reasoning that the doctors will still ask the same question. We quickly organized a well-cooked vegetable soup and as if by ‘miracle’, he got up and downed the food. Just imagine if there was no money to buy the food, your guess is as good as mind

Being in lack does not do anybody any good, not even to you. God is looking for expression through men of means. Position yourself on the threshold and assert vehemently that abundance is for you. Take it. Make a demand and nature will pay you. Can a man effectively care for a woman without bestowing her with the things money can buy? Randomly ask any spinster the chief quality that her ideal husband will possess, 9 out 10 will chorus ‘a caring man’. We all know what it takes to care for someone.

The world today is primarily is a commercialized jungle, where emotions, feelings, and attachment are often primarily a commercialized investment. Understand that money can be your best friend in sorting chaffs from wheat among the people in your life. Even a school of thought is arguing that money enhances libido in both men and women.

Have you realized that a restaurant menu is divided into two; the left and the right side? The left side lists the varieties of delicacies being offered while the right side carried the prices. And where side do you think the poor look at the moment the menu touches their palms? Your guess is as good as mine.

Perish the thoughts that seeking for money is bad.

Expunge forever that all rich men are filthy.
Money is Energy.
Loving to attract money is not evil.
Money is neutral and incapable of wreaking havoc.
Money is good.
You can’t go far without it.
The world is replete with self-made millionaires.
Look around you; decide an area of need to fill and money will come.
Learn how to acquire it.
Seek for a balance from the three planes of life-Mind, Body, Soul and be happy all the rest of your life.
I doubt if shortcuts really exist.

Excerpts from my book, ‘Man and Money’.

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