Both were talented, but…..


Both were talented, but…..

Bethel and Azubuike graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).

They read Theater Arts, but majored in script writing.

Both are geniuses.

They were shoulder to shoulder in winning awards from the University.

The lecturers and indeed the entire University community were extremely proud of them.

The duo represented the University both locally and internationally.

Their names rang bell and despite being students, these two talents were helping out their classmates in solving hard academic challenges while their room became a Mecca of a sort as junior students beseech them daily.

Put slightly, both were academic ‘celebs’.

Upon graduation, they had big dreams.

The University retained them, but they refused.

They were already making some money while in school and felt that being at the University might be limiting.

While in Youth service program, both penned down classical scripts.

According to those who perused the works, it was awarding wining.

Some of the Nollywood guys present were in agreement that the duo were created by Source of Creation to write scripts.

Bethel is good.

Azubuike is good.

One day, a  front line film Producer invited them for a discussion.

Both went and after giving clips of their works, those around acknowledged that these kids might be small gods.

The Producer stood at awe, but kept his face expressionless.

Bethel and Azubuike agreed that they would sell their script at N200,000 each.

The film producer chuckled and offered N30,000 each.

The boys got peeved, left his office but left their telephone numbers.

Six days after, the film producer called them independently, and offered N70,000 each after checking out the pedigrees of the young graduates.

Once again, they refused.

But, Bethel, who is more of a businessman asked Azubuike the importance of holding to the scripts since they can easily produce another one.

Azubuike, said that his was N150,000 or nothing and queried his friend why selling so cheap.

They reasoned and argued for sometime.

But, Bethel told his friend that if he is offered N100,000, that he would sell.

Moments later, Bethel called the Producer and humbly requested for N100,000.

To his surprise, the film Producer agreed and credit alert woke him up the next morning.

This motivated him to write another script.

He took Azubuike out, bought him some liquor and dashed him N10,000.

When the film hit the market place, it was a masterpiece.

Bethel’s telephone was ringing off the hook.

Producers were falling on top of each other to get the attention of Bethel.

His next script was sold at N250,000 while Azubuike was still holding his tightly.

Indeed, Bethel became extremely busy and at a point, he was working on 11 scripts while his bosom friend was still idle.

No doubt, hunger visited Azubuike as industry persons summarised Azubuike as an arrogant young man.

As if there was plan, he was avoided.

But, this time, Bethel has built a large clientele base.

One morning, Bethel called Azubuike, offered him N100,000, reworked his script and sold it at N350,000.

When Bethel realized that he can no longer do the work alone, he employed Azubuike as his script writer.

Azubuike became the actual script writer while Bethel was managing clients.

Friends, don’t delay to learn skills.

Yes, money might not be there to start yours, but how about working for your Boss till you build customer base and save some money to get thyself established.

There is always buried wisdom in starting small.

Learning the ropes is a virtue.

Decide this day and take thy destinies in thy wonderful hands.

Remember the God factor.

Always give Him thanks.

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