INEC :The Wholesome Fraud Has Started



By Political Animal.

Dear @inecnigeria, Something is not adding up. Borno is ravaged by so much insecurity. As at last year, only 4 local govt had access to mobile network. How did Borno move from 6328 to 501,347 in space of 10months? The fact that it’s online registrations makes it unbelievable!!
States that struggled to register candidates for WAEC are doing unbelievable numbers. How?? Remember the issues of electronic transfer of election results was vehemently opposed last year because of poor network in these states, how come they have network for online registration?

How is Borno state matching Lagos??? How???? @inecnigeria? What are you guys cooking please? These figures don’t add up. With the economic hardship, more people have moved to Lagos in the past 4-5years. How is Borno almost matching the numbers in Lagos for God’s sake .What’s happening?
We have more smart phone users in Lagos state than any other state in this country.
We are talking about ONLINE REGISTRATION here.
How is Borno state matching Lagos state? @inec should explain.

It takes a certain level of education to be internet savvy. Can someone please explain to me like i’m a 5 year old how educationally less developed states have more online registered voters than say Lagos & Anambra, states with highest literacy level in Nigeria???
It is unfortunate that many
southerners are working so hard for PVC registration offline and online but the states and their numbers remain low and embarrassing . But some states in the north where internet penetration is very low & less populated, have numbers by
@inecnigeria voter registration that keep going high..

This is the same bias, imbalance and injustice that made many Southerners loose hope in Nigeria.Nigeria will never see development if this mass corruption is encouraged.. We must stand up and start asking the right questions!
@inecnigeria pls explain this!

Rivers and bayelsa that are doing well in numbers, but if they tell you how much cash people are spending daily to bring people out for this registration…. You will almost run mad.

The unfortunate thing is that southern politicians who should be bringing this to the fore and mount pressure on INEC to offer explanations are very busy scrambling for VP role or struggling to be part of a government in 2023 that will no never be in Nigeria again .Whether APC or PDP.

The “wholesome” fraud has begun. This is called cradle to grave type of fraud. No longer the half and full ballot snatching.
They Know the end game based on the “obedient movement “and have started sowing the seeds of rigging. They have started the journey for electoral fraud . That’s what @inecnigeria is doing.



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