Son, when are you going to build your mansion in the village?


This is a real conversation I once had with my dad. These are not exact words but contextually accurate:

My Dad: Son, when are you coming home to build your own mansion?

Me: hahahaha… NEVER, sir.

Dad: Every man must own a house in his village to show that he’s a man.

Me: Dad, you have about 4 buildings on our compound. I recently renovated all the buildings so you can’t complain of house Problems. If I come home, you will accommodate me in one of the EMPTY rooms. I promise to obey your rules when I come to your house.

Dad: So you have no plans to build your own house in the village? What kind of a human being are you?

Me: Dad, I’ve told you my plans to build a Technology Institution. We even surveyed some land and Architect Ikechukwu Ogudu Una was already designing the Tech School with an innovation hub when Insecurity destabilized South East and I faced numerous death threats from a certain group. I suspended that project. Why should I build a private house that I will never Live in when the same money can build an Innovation Hub for my State?

Dad: Where will you stay when you visit the village?

Me: Dad, I will stay in one of the houses on your compound sir. A house is built for SHELTER, Not for ego or show off.

Dad: And you think anyone will take you serious in the village?

Me: Dad, I am not working so hard so that village People will take me serious. I am working hard so that my mates in Silicon Valley will take me seriously.

Dad: Where is Silicon Valley? Don’t people in Silicon Valley have houses in their villages?

Me: No sir. Nobody in Silicon Valley is concerned about a mansion in the village. In fact, nobody who’s in Silicon Valley own a house in their village. One of them doesn’t even own a house, he lives in his garage but controls the world.

Dad: That means only irresponsible people are in Silicon Valley. Is that where you want to end up too?

Me: Yes sir. Silicon valley is my dream sir – not the village. And like I said, I will build in the village but not a private mansion but a Technology Institution. It will have staff quarters and I plan to retire in the Staff quarters of the tech institution – spending my evenings mentoring Innovative developers who will converge in my village from different parts of Africa. If we must break generational limitations in the family and our community, we must change the way we think and the way we build. There are several empty mansions in Nigeria whose owners are overseas. This is economic waste. In those countries we live in, there are no EMPTY mansions.

Dad: I think I am beginning to understand your vision. I pray security returns to our land.

Me: In fact, I will name the School after you Chief. You lived your entire life as a teacher and I will like to see you back to the classroom.

Dad: Hahahaha. I am too old to go back to the classroom my son.

Me: No, sir. At around 80, you are still Young. Tinubu is running for president at this age. He has not given up on life. Buhari is around the same age, and he’s still relevant in the world. I’m not working hard so you can retire, I am working hard so you can come out of retirement and have a life. The secret to longevity is never retire from life despite your age. Continue to dream. As long as you have dreams, you are still Young.

Dad: Thank You for the hope of having a life at old age. And yes, I agree with you that you should rather build a technology institute which will benefit more people instead of an empty mansion where you will never live in. I bless you more my son.

Me: Amen.

(Learn how to have mind-shifting conversations with your parents. You don’t need to do all their wishes. They trained you in school so you can guide them into higher consciousness. Failure is when you don’t even know how to break generational limitations in your community but you are under pressure to satisfy egocentric demands from your parents. Grow so you can change the course of the destiny of your community.)

© Charles Awuzie.

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