The chicks have come home to roost (1)


The chicks have come home to roost (1)


Organized religion rallied people together and promised them a better life after now.

It is fait accompli that hope is important to hold a people together.

No matter what life throws at them, they endured because it has been entrenched in their subconscious minds that the suffering is for a while.

Hence, they persevered and believed in a sweet life that comes thereafter devoid of rancor or displeasure.

Hope is key.

Without hope, life will approach anarchy.

However, from my crystal ball I perpetually glance at, I see two kinds of people despite what the organized religion has promised.
Those who react and those who respond.
The reactive people are not always taken seriously while those who respond are always negotiated with.
Even in the family of birds, Owls have this wisdom.
Based on my observation, the mother Owl feeds the strongest babies first.
Arising from the feeding bottle of my Guru, he impressed it on me that, “that complaint is a melodious tune to the ears of the oppressor”.
Continuing he opined, ” the only language the slave master will understand is naked force, adding that tables will quickly be organized for talks.
This writer has been around for a while.
I was here when Militants from the Niger Delta enclave were romanced, pampered and Amnesty extended to them.

Again Boko Haram birthed and recked havoc, Herdsmen visited and left in its trails blood and agony and Bandits braced the tape with a single agenda of annihilation of humanity

But instead of the Nigerian Unitary government responding with greater force, money was given to them and their sins were forgiven.

But, IPOB approached the political ecosystem with a peaceful mien, they were almost crushed and her members hounded in prison facilities across the country.

Suddenly, a group young minds came together christened ‘Gunmen’ to take their destinies unto their hands.

In as much as I condemn violence and its cousins, efforts should be deployed to finding lasting solutions.

Talk is cheap
Rhetorics will not help now.
Massive action is the answer.

As a matter of factly, no progress can be dreamed without a peaceful firmament.

Indeed, chicks have come home to roost.

To be continued.

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