Latasha Ngwube, Media personality, has berated comedian, Alibaba, who in a trending video tackled actresses and their sources of wealth.

In the trending video, Alibaba questioned actresses who can afford houses worth N45 million.

He shared a personal experience of an actress who he claimed accompanied a top shot to Dubai, stayed with him in a hotel and days later was on Instagram posting ”lounging in Dubai?”. He asked ”Can you buy a ticket to Dubai”.

Meanwhile Latasha Reacted to the video, she  said she felt his message is s3xist and beneath him. She averred that his approach sounded like an attack on women.

See her reaction below….

”With all due respect Uncle Ali, I don’t think you’re the person best suited to take on this topic. I think it’s beneath you and smacks of sexism. There are many male actors who are also doing the “wrong things” and engaged in illicit sexual activity with (older) women for pay and even other senior men. Your approach sounds like an attack on women when we should be focused on all genders and the pressures they put men and women under with their deceptive lifestyle. P.s. even those you identified that do business, it’s still not guaranteed that their ways are pure.’