ABIA: “Udensi is a political businessman” – Obinna Ichita


That Abia State government is grossly insensitive to the sufferings of the people is no longer in doubt, what many do not know however, is that the oppressors in power in Abia, do have a good number of persons who actively work for the cabal. Some of these people perform the stealthy role of misleading and confusing the public while others take to attacking critics of the ineffective government in Abia state.
People who do such deals for the government are planted in various political parties for the singular purpose of causing confusion and distraction.

Chikwe Udensi is one of those people in Abia whose duty is to cause confusion and distraction among political parties. His area of operation is All Progressives Grand Alliance ( APGA ) – the political party founded by Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, The Ezeigbo gburu gburu.

Udensi is yet to come to terms with the fact that the resolve by revolutionary Abians in APGA to liberate the state from the clutches of bad governance is iron clad.
Chikwe as usual, bought the nomination and expression of interest forms for the governorship position in APGA ( He does this every election season).
He contested the primary election alongside other 3 notable and accomplished Abians namely; Gregory Ibeh, A professor and founder of Gregory Univerisity, Uturu Abia State; Etigwe Uwa,an accomplished senior Advicate of Nigeria and chairman of reputable organizations; and Ijioma N. Ijioma, a retired Major General of the Nigerian Army).
Chikwe Udensi, who hitherto made his pay masters in Abia State government house believe he was in charge of APGA in Abia was beaten black and blue in the ballot. He came last. He polled only 12 votes.
Prof. Greg Ibeh won the governorship primaries. Prof Ibeh is the governorship candidate of APGA in Abia State .

In his characteristic manner of causing confusion, while voting was still in progress , Udensi pretended to be going to the rest room, he away from there.
From wherever he ran to, he was reported to have informed his paymasters that he had won the primaries. The oppressors caused this fake news to be spread on the social media in a bid to cause confusion in the state. The fake news was swiftly refuted by the leadership of APGA in Abia and the APGA electoral committee, set up by the National leadership the party under the leadership of Dr. Ozonkpu Victor Oye, which commitee was headed by Echezona Etiaba, a Senior Advicate of Nigeria. ( see links in the comment section) .

To the surprise of everyone who watched the APGA primary elections in real time (as it was streamed live in various media platforms), Udensi ran to a radio station the following day and declared himself the winner of the election that he lost.
To please his pay masters, Udensi heaped all manner of allegations against everyone in APGA. He didn’t spare even the national leadership of the party in his outburst.
This is not strange though, as one of his modus operandi is to run down the personality of persons he considers as threats to his “business”.
Recall that it was same Udensi who claimed that one of the Governorship aspirants of our party was dismissed from Army. Yes, Chikwe claimed on a live radio program to have read Gen. Ijioma’s dismissal letter from the army at the Army Headquarters, Abuja.
Expectedly, Udensi ran back to same radio station in Umuahia less than 48 hours after making these serious allegations against a retired General and apologized after the general threatened to discipline him if he failed to publicly apologize.

Many have wondered why Chikwe Udensi, who claims to be a member of APGA does not have any APGA insignia in his campaign office at Bata Junction, Aba.
Chikwe Udensi holds the infamous record as the only “opposition Governorship aspirant” in Abia that openly supports the oppressive government of Abia State.

While we complained of bad state of roads in Aba, Udensi was busy praising the government that we all know has failed the people of Abia State. (See link in the comment section).
While we complained of the plight of workers and pensioners in Abia, many believe that Udensi played the role of the proverbial “Herr Schucknecht”,- the character that was hired by the feudal lords to play the inglorious role of discouraging the workers from revolting against the oppressive and mechanistic establishment that treated the workers as tools. This he achieved by handing the malnourished unionists some peanuts out of the “fortune” he makes from the evil enterprise. He even makes them fake promises.

The need to resist fake promises like those of Herr Schucknecht finds support in the famous quotes of Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx in their seminal work on the urgency of a revolution and a robust resistance against oppression in whatever form as documented in the communist manifesto- “ all workers of the world unite; You have nothing to loose but your chains; You have the world to win”.

Whilst we strive to unite in our resolve to take back Abia State from those who have held us down and have caused our state to be an object of mockery, Chikwe Udensi is plotting with the oppressors against us.

The secret plans of Abia State government and her agents is not unknown to us.
The appropriate personalities and institutions have been fully briefed of this development.

In his over zealousness to please his pay masters, Udensi seem
to have forgotten that there exists a redline which must not be crossed no matter the pressure to please or impress.
Chikwe Udensi and his cohorts are pretty close to crossing the red line.

There is no gain saying that an attempt to compromise our personal security (and by extension and implication, the security of our people in the state) in whatever guise, is for us a bold red line.

Consequently, notice is hereby given to Chikwe Udensi to immediate show proof (of ) or publicly retract his false allegations against us and apologize.
Udensi can not make wild and baseless allegations and accusations against innocent persons and expect to go scot free simply because he is working for the so called “powers that be in Abia State”.
That is unacceptable!
At the expiration of the deadline, our actions shall be swift, heavy, unprecedented and justifiable.
We can not allow anyone to sabotage our efforts to liberate Abia from the clutches of political brigandage.

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