Angela Nwosu


Ogbanje, but digital

This is Digital Ogbanje, Angela Nwosu.

I must confess, I love her dearly.

She is helping the sons and daughters of men with positivity.

She gives food, money, high priced phones including iPhones, pays rents for the hoi poloi, starts businesses for people and is about to dash a brand new car.

Also, she nurtures many back to sound health as well as pays hospital bills for a legion.

She is a mentor to many.

Her spiritual products are Internationally sold.

Even those looking for the fruits of the womb cultivate her friendship.

Though, I have not seen her before, many testimonies abound.

My dear Digital Ogbanje, continue doing good.

I deeply appreciate you with reckless abandon.


Paddy Anyatonwu is well known to me.

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