Dr. Max Nduaguibe


Dr. Max Nduaguibe is an Enigma

Though, I have heard so much about him, but never had the opportunity of meeting him physically.
But, Nature has her ways.
On December 31, 2016, Okorie Godfrey and I traced him to his country home in Abia State.
An Octogenarian, quintessential and urbane personality, highly unassuming, Doctor of Law, Historian, Aborigine Speaker, confident personae, an orator of great repute, a speech writer and author of many books sold internationally.
He has also produced a couple of Law Professors.
He rolled out red carpet.
On sighting us, he came out with open hands to receive us.
He gave us a sense of belonging.
Despite the age disparity, DeMax as we fondly him switched smoothly to our level.
A traditionalist to core, Oji Igbo, alligator pepper, Okwa osu and all kinds of beverages, Spirits and all brands of beer were presented.
After this ritual, we told him why we came.
“Dee, we came to find out why Abia State is not working for the past 22 years”?
He looked at us pointedly into the eyeballs and quipped, ‘who sent you’?
Unknown to us, a caterer was hired to take care of us.
During breakfast, the Master traced the history of Nigeria, cascaded to old Imo State and sojourned to Abia State.
He told us so much that our minds drifted away.
“Umunnem, you must have known that I contested election for Governorship of Abia State. I know why I lost”, he narrated.
He sent shivers down to our spines when he beamed search lights on Ngwa Nation and her brand of politics, I almost fainted.
“So much has happened that we need to sit together and address some of these issues for the sake of our children”, he noted.
Since then, I have followed this great mind consciously and daily too.
It is either he likes me or he is tolerating me.
I am really tormenting him with litany of questions. Anyway, more will come as 2019 nears. Bear with me Sir.
As a matter of fact, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, High Chief, Jaja Anucha Wachuku trained Dr. Max politically immediately he came back from studies abroad that crisscrossed Europe and America.
As it stands today, DeMax is one of the few links between the old and new generations.
However, he is one of the most misconstrued people in town.
He is independent minded.
He is fearless.
He doesn’t understand superstition.
He confronts status quo.
Fights against oppression.
Questions everything.
Magic amuses him.
A first class chain smoker, (though has stopped).
He is a true Nigerian.
He has friends across the Niger.
And because of these sterling and rare qualities, many don’t understand him.
Many have tried to barb his head hair without coming close.
Some say he is controversial while others say that something is behind his fearlessness.
A percentage say he is arrogant.
There is nothing I have not heard.
Most of these people don’t even know him physically talkless of speaking with him.
Unknown to them, there is a large difference between a confident man and an arrogant person.
Brethren, one of the most humane beings I have come in contact with in recent times is Dr. Max Nduaguibe.
If you can, talk to him.
He is accessible.
But, organise your thoughts before going to him.
Possibly, I can take you to him.
Besides, DeMax is not contesting any election or looking for any political appointment.
I don’t even have his permission to write this.
Dede, if unmasking you offends you, I am not sorry.
Afterall, you’re teaching me to say it the way it is.
Patrick Anyatonwu is one of the numerous students of Dr. Max Nduaguibe

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