Governor Emmanuel and 2023 musings: What is in it for Akwa Ibomites


Governor Emmanuel and 2023 musings: What is in it for Akwa Ibomites


Richard Peters

It is no longer news that the performing Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has thrown his hat into the ring, in contest for the premier political seat in Nigeria. What is perhaps news are the dissensions which have trailed the fearless audacity of the State Governor to aspire for what many consider a giant-sized ambition.


Governor Emmanuel, whose ambition is borne out of the desire to extend his result-driven style of governance to the length and breadth of Nigeria, is equally the first in the long list of serving Governors to aspire for such exalted seat across the South-South.


While many have wondered how and why the Governor would venture into such “risk” (as many have put it), the truth remains that everything about life is a risk and only those who dare, eventually break through. But methinks the bone of contention should be whether or not the daring aspirant is qualified for the position he seeks, and nothing less important. So, does Governor Udom Emmanuel meet the requirement for the position he is seeking? The answer is a big yes.


Going from antecedents, Governor Emmanuel’s record of qualifying key points exists in leaps and bounds. From being visionary to being able to excellently execute those visions into impressive, tangible projects; Akwa Ibomites cannot argue less that they have an export to Nigeria.


In the last 7 years of his administration, we can attest to the fact that things have improved tremendously for the better on all fronts. The Governor’s commitment to the transformation of the state has manifested in the coming on stream of over 22 industries in the state so far, including the just-commissioned Coconut refinery. This is in furtherance of his dream to transform the State from a Civil Service-oriented economy to a private sector-driven society where Akwa Ibomites can be bosses of their own and less dependent on the government for a means of livelihood.

Through his intervention, the Ibom Air is what it is today – the pride of Akwa Ibom and a talking point in Nigeria’s Aviation Industry which has boosted the ego of the State from a civil service ware to an industrial hub.

Before now, the only industries Akwa Ibom could boast of were hotels, fuel stations and supermarkets which were even not owned majorly by indigenes. But even the blind today can see the myriad of SMEs and LSEs which have sprang up within the span of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s intentional leadership. We are now known to produce and export Syringes, fruit crops, Rice, vegetables and Onions cultivation being the most shocking of all discoveries in recent times. It is no longer news that our State will join the league of the large-scale producer of Onions. These discoveries and more could not have been possible without the intentional leadership of a visionary man on the saddle whose foremost dream has been how to explore and develop the State’s potentials for the people’s benefits hence, the Governor has had to give out free training, inputs, seedlings, stems to famers to increase productivity and yield for food sufficiency.

From the word “go”, Governor Emmanuel whose name symbolizes development, advancement, empathy, support and empowerment has never been found wanting in matters of humanities, science and other arts of improving lives. The Governor’s long walk to emancipating the State from the shackles of backwardness is evidently observed in all facets of the State economy where all loopholes have and are still being filled for her to measure up with contemporaries in developing States and nation.

One of Nigeria’s timeless challenges is insecurity. Governor Emmanuel who has showed maximum capacity in this area, in the State, will do same for the country having gathered requisite experience. Akwa Ibom State can today boast of safety of lives and properties, peace, more investments, accommodation of the opposition party players, zero intimidation, zero kidnapping spree and zero countless killings which characterized the previous administration so much that people can now sleep with their two eyes closed; those who fled the state returned and small scale enterprises are being boosted due to the business-friendly environment and policies of his administration. These and more will be replicated across the country, if he is given the mandate. This quality alone stands him out as a presidential-material with key advantages amongst others in the race.


Even more, Governor Udom Emmanuel is a technocrat and a thorough manager of resources who knows how to efficiently utilize every penny. He is about only governor with the required skills and knowledge to translate the visions of Nigeria’s founding fathers into concrete realities. Everyone who saw him translate Obong Attah’s aviation dream to manifold reality in Akwa Ibom State would attest to Governor Udom Emmanuel’s well heeled managerial skills. Obviously, Obong Attah’s envisioned airport and other ancillary services of many years ago have become real today courtesy of the activation agenda of His Excellency.


These giant strides which also extends to the health, education and other sectors serve as testaments of Governor Emmanuel’s antecedents. As such, what is in it for Akwa Ibom people is more of these impactful governance and federal presence. This is perhaps the reason he was unanimously asked to run for the coveted seat by those who know his value.

Governor Emmanuel’s 7 years at the wheels of the State leadership has obviously steered us from obscurity to popularity, poverty to riches and from inferiority to stardom. We have no doubt it had our bread well buttered by this visionary leader. As such, we can only do ourselves good by ensuring that he goes on a higher mission for us to get more benefits.

Udom Emmanuel is the answer

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