My mission is simple:


My mission is simple:

‘To get as many people as possible to think for themselves’.

All you see me do is achieve this, nothing more, nothing less.

I submit to you, that you are the product of your choice.

If you do the right thing, the right things will happen to you.

Now that God has finished creating the world, you must roll the dice and also roll off the stone.

Never move a mountain.

Oh sure, there is God.

I am in the know.

I still know that Heaven only helps those who help themselves.

Massive action must be taken.

In all, your mindsets must be adjusted from some fables fed to you by organized religion to keep you docile.

The frequent question posed to me by many is:

“Dee Paddy, where do I start from”?

My answer has always been:

“Your Mind”.

You must unlearn many things.

Elementarily, you must learn how to deploy the energies of the five elements to profit therefrom.

Getting the sons and daughters of men to think for themselves is a task I have chosen to embark on no matter the circumstances.

I will use the remaining portion of my sojourn here to reduce drastically the manipulation of your mind by those who are good in psychology.

I have been manipulated before.
I have used it before.

Enter the train with me.

The destination is known.

You have nothing to lose than your indoctrinated minds.

Let’s go.

I am already at the train station.

Can you see me?

Look up, I am wearing a black caftan with brown framed eyeglasses.

Paddy Chinkere Anyatonwu is well-known to me.

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