Red Eyes (Blood In My Eyes), What It Means, And What You Should Do – Expert reveals

Have you ever woken up and taken a look at the mirror and noticed that your eyes are red or as you walk by a couple of your friends keep asking you why is your eye red?
Some of us have found ourselves in similar situations. Sometimes, this redness comes without pain so that you don’t even know that your eye is red.
So having red eyes, what does it actually mean?
In this article, we are going to explore some of the common reasons why your eyes are red and then what you should probably do about it.
EYE STRAIN: Our eyes are filled with blood vessels. When we strain our eyes either via uncorrected refractive error, wrong prescription, constipation, hard sneezing, or exposure to blue rays, or you over-exert yourself at the gym, it will cause this blood to swell up and pop. This is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage. The cause is not limited by the above but these are the most common.
Subconjunctival hemorrhage on its own is harmless and can resolve on its own as long as you don’t keep on straining your eye.
By going to the clinic, the exact cause of your eye strain can be diagnosed and the right treatment recommended to prevent reoccurrence.
TRAUMA: When there is a blow to the eye region, it will not just cause redness but also swelling and of course severe pains. This should be treated as an emergency and immediate treatment commenced.
GLAUCOMA: It is generally known that the 2 most common types of glaucoma are the Open-Angle and the Close Angle. The Open Angle is commonly known as the silent thief of sight because it doesn’t give any signs or symptoms. While the Close Angle gives severe pains, and redness among other symptoms. I believe it is okay for me to also add inflammations of the inner parts of the eye to this category. Please, fly to the clinic if you experience severe pains with red eyes.
Other causes include medications, surgery, and contact lens.
The bottom line is that red eyes on their own without any other symptom or sign can probably be harmless but without proper examination, we can’t tell for sure.
So to be on the safe side, don’t play down this symptom.
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