Redefining Negotiation


Redefining Negotiation:

Life is a constant series of actions where we attempt to influence others. We seem forever absorbed in trying to get people to agree with us. Whatever the case or cause, whenever you communicate with an objective in mind, engaging in social exchange to affect someone’s attitude or behavior, you are playing the negotiating game. Like it or not, your attitude and actions have the potential to determine the nature of a relationship, the distribution of available resources and the satisfaction of those involved.

Above all, negotiation is a pervasive process in which people ultimately attempt to reach joint decision on matters of common concern in situations in which there is initial disagreement. Thus, a negotiation always requires both shared interests and issues of conflict. Obviously, without commonality there is no reason to achieve resolution. So without discord there is nothing to negotiate about.
Negotiation is not limited to international affairs. It takes place everywhere there are differences to conciliate, interests to placate, people to persuade, and purposes to accomplish. Thus, all life could be regarded as a continual negotiation. We always need to win friends, overcome enemies, correct unfortunate impressions, convince others of our views, and use all appropriate means to further our projects.”

– Herb Cohen.

Things to look out for:

1. Who are you negotiating with? The boss or staff. Does he have the balls to close deals. If he doesn’t, send your subordinate.

2. Knowledge of the subject matter:
You must have deep knowledge of the subject matter.

3. You must research the temperament of whom you are negotiating with.
Can you get him/angry?

4. What you want:
Before approaching the negotiating table, you must have an end in mind.

5. Claim ignorance:
When the odds are going against you, tell the other person that you are no longer understanding anything, and ask him to start from the beginning. This might be after 4 hours of being on the table.
This will upset the next person and give you some advantage of time.

6. Timing: if the meeting is outside your location, never communicate the time of your return ticket.
If you do this, the next person will use it against you. He can delay the commencement of the talks close to your departure.
This will put pressure on you to sign the dotted lines in a hurry.

6. Avoid familiarity before the negotiations start:
This method could be used to extract your idiosyncrasies.

7. You must be will to walk away.

8. No matters what happens at the negotiating table, never show irritation or get angry. Always say with a smile.

9. Never discuss religion.

10. Never be swayed by ‘droppage’ of statistical details.

11. Always know the number of people you’re going to negotiate with.
This is key.

That’s all for now.


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