Where Do I Start From?


Where Do I Start From?

This is the question that is on the lips of many.
I don’t have money.
I don’t have accommodation and not even transport fare to go and look for the job. I am the first son/daughter of my parents.

Many are looking up to me.
It is not enough to read these things and I have read many and none is practical enough to show one where to start from.
It is all theories. Bear oil! I am looking for practical things. These are the sentiments of many.
But the fact remains that, there is hope for that man/woman who will pay attention and discipline self for studies.
There is an adage in my place-“whatever you are looking for, you will see”. Is it possible for one to get what he/she is not looking for?
In his lecture series, The Acres of Diamond, Russell Conwell, told one of his students this. “Young man, let me illustrate for a moment. I must do it. It is my duty to every young man, and woman because we are all going into business very soon on the same plan. Young man, remember if you know what people need, you have gotten more knowledge of a fortune than any amount of capital can give you”.
Well, the first place to start is to make up your mind that you will want to be rich. It does not matter how tough the situation is now.
Bob Dylan preached 48 years ago, “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose”. As a matter of fact, each came to this planet naked and without impressions. Any man/woman you see on the street is a compendium of knowledge therein. The things you focus your mind on will become your reality.
Thought are things.
What are your dominant thoughts? If you said that you will not be rich or I can’t afford it, these are things said about the future. But if say, for example, I will be rich or I can afford it, it is also about the future, and the difference is that one is negative while the other is positive.
The last thing mankind wants to accept as truth is that the rich and the poor don’t think the same way. The problem is not we don’t know, but we know so much and we are not prepared to change.
We are in our comfort zone and strongly feel that the way we are running our lives are the best way and anything to the contrary is rejected.
Have you identified the route you will take to reach your financial goal?
Norman Vincent Pearle said that “empty pocket never held anyone back, only empty heads and empty hearts can do”.
Poverty is a state of mind.
Poverty is a habit.
A man accepts poverty by neglecting to create a plan to acquire riches.
The place to begin is to learn how to use your mind, to become creative, to render useful service in return for that which you desire.
“Thoughts, not money are the real business capital,” chorused Harvey S. Firestone. The most wonderful thing that can happen to your goal is to plan specific action. It gives birth to self-confidence.
I have argued in many fora that getting jobs might not be this difficult as we tag it to be. Very few people get jobs without doing some homework in the industry one is applying to. I don’t know any chief executive that you will meet and intimate him/her that you have acquired some set of skills that can make him/her richer that will not listen to you. Why not research that particular industry you are applying before going for the interview.
Businessmen are looking for people who can reduce their job stress and pressure. Don’t be like the person that buried his talent in the ground.
Booker T. Washington lent his voice to this assertion when he said, “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”.
Look around you. How many people you work with, the people you socialize with, the people you see on the street, do you think they have dedicated themselves to getting rich, or
Many are not prepared to do some homework, but they want all the good things in life. Getting things for nothing might be difficult in our time. Go to town and ask people on the street if they want to be rich.
From my experience, some will be embarrassed with that question. They are of the opinion that it is the wish of everyone to be rich and successful.
Kindly ask them their plans to be rich. This question will expose their lack-luster attitude regarding being rich. To close the deal, ask them what they have planted that they intend to harvest?
Millions of people want to get rich, and yet only one out of a hundred takes the initiative to outline the route he/she intends to take to reach his/her goal.
You out there, if you have made up your mind to be rich, do your homework and take massive action.

Paddy Anyatonwu is the twin author of Man and Money and What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man.

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